About Balanced Kitchen Subscriptions

Do you have the desire to eat healthy, but lack the time to prepare the nutrient dense foods that you are wanting? By signing up for a BALANCED Kitchen subscription, you are able to receive locally sourced, freshly prepared, and mindfully selected meals and snacks for you and your family. This program offers many different subscription options, allowing allow you to select the perfect amount of weekly items. You are also able to handpick the meals you would like prepared from a brand new menu each week.

Menu items are: 
✓ Low in sodium
✓ High in dietary fiber
✓ Balanced with protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats
✓ Provide a great source of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and lean protein
✓ Provide a variety of vitamins and minerals

The delicious and healthy recipes are designed by registered dietitian Dawn Earnesty and prepared fresh locally at our on-site kitchen. 

How does this work?
Each week, preorder these healthy breakfast, salad and snack options. Pick up for these items is each Tuesday between 8am and 1pm at Balanced Pilates, 810 E. Ashman, Midland Michigan.

Intro Offerings

New Clients Only!

Dawn Earnesty, PhD, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dawn Earnesty completed her PhD at Michigan State University in Human Nutrition and is certified in adult weight management. She holds a nutrition education specialization to build healthy menus and has  over 12 years of experience teaching nutrition education to both children and adults .

Dawn loves to teach about and eat nutritious food that is vibrant, colorful, and full of nutrients!

The Benefits of A Balanced Kitchen Subscription 

❇️ Benefit 1

Nutritionally balanced menu items created by a Registered Dietitian!

❇️ Benefit 2

Support a local business!

❇️ Benefit 3

Stress less and mindfully eat nutritious foods without hassle!

Subscription Options

Ala Carte Options

Breakfast $11
Salad $13.99
Snack $8


"I like the food! The taste is so delicious and fresh. And healthy!"

"Good selection of food choices, I enjoy the variety. Made with fresh ingredients. I've tried new things. I like the Tuesday pick up A LOT!"

"The food is convenient, healthy, and in the right portion size!"

"The food is delicious and the servings are just right size."

"I love all the fresh ingredients that are used. The flavor is outstanding. The food is cooked perfectly."

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