May 3 - June 11

Plan For YOUR Success!

The Healthy Plate with Dawn Earnesty, PhD, RDN offers six weeks of Nutritional Topics including: Boosting Your Immune System, Reducing Inflammation, Meal Planning and Prepping, Recipes, and so much more… This plan includes:

6 Weeks of Anti-Inflammatory & Immune Boosting Meal Planning
2 One-On-One Nutritional Consultations
2 Virtual Nutrition Classes Live on Zoom (Digestive Health and Plant Based Protein)
8 On-Demand Nutrition Videos & 10 On-Demand Recipe Demos

The Recipes

Simpler (and more nutritious) Meals for Complex Days

Fuel your body with a special plan designed to... 

✔️ Boost your immune response, 
✔️ Reduce inflammation, and 
✔️ Keep your body safe and strong. 

6 weeks of the yummiest meals written by a dietitian who specializes in anti-inflammatory meal plans.

Dawn Earnesty, PhD RDN

Dawn is a registered dietitian and completed her Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in dietetics, her Master of Science and combined internship from Eastern Illinois University and her PhD at Michigan State University in Human Nutrition.

Dawn has over 12 years of experience teaching adults and youth nutrition education focused on the consumption of vegetables, fruit and protein-rich foods and beverages. She is certified in adult weight management and holds a nutrition education specialization.  

Dawn has a true passion for educating people on “how to feel more vibrant and energized” with healthy eating and physical activity.

Betsy O'Malley, PT

Betsy O'Malley Physical Therapist, STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor, Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique Owner.

Betsy is thrilled to be offering the Healthy Plate Meal Plan at Balanced Pilates and Wellness Boutique. If you are not already a Balanced Pilates member, your plan can also include 6 weeks of Balanced Pilates classes.


"I benefited by having a program to follow - a start date to get myself prepared and structured rather than relying on myself to kick-start good nutrition. It wasn't happening on my own so I appreciated having a program with a start date, goals, accountability, etc."

"After our educational sessions with Dawn, our family has been adding different veggies to our meals. I recently added portabella mushrooms and sliced carrots. I also used brown rice in place of white rice. The tracking of what I ate, recipes and demonstrations gave me good information on how to eat well and also made it fun!"


❇️ Benefit 1
Start to build a stronger immune system in just 42 days

❇️ Benefit 2
Learn how to prepare easy-to-cook meals that are delicious & nutritious

❇️ Benefit 3
Ensure your body is at its healthiest potential by meeting vitamin & mineral goals daily

Healthy Plate Cost & Sign-Up Options:

❇️ ​HEALTHY PLATE - Current Balanced Members: $189 ($31.50 weekly)

​❇️ ​HEALTHY PLATE - Non Members: $249 ($41.50 weekly) 

​❇️ ​HEALTHY PLATE + 6 WEEKS STUDIO CLASSES - Non Members: $397 ($66.10 weekly) *Classes can be in-studio, live stream, or any combination of these, Mon-Sat

❇️ ​Included with all purchases: 10% off Balanced Kitchen from purchase date through June 11!

Still have questions?

Text Balanced anytime at 989.486.1232 (or call M-F, 8am-12pm)

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